Life is hard. Real hard. When things aren't going right nothing make sense and no one seems to care.  It often feels like we can't get unstuck. When we talk to others they may argue or fight with us instead of help us, feel uncomfortable about listening to our problems, or worse, start talking about themselves.

Although it takes courage...more often than not counseling helps...Why? Because it gives your inner dialogue a way to express itself, provides a freedom to make changes, to take or explore risks and feel supported without judgement. My knowledge will assist you in facing your challenges. Foremost-vitally, I believe you can succeed.

Hi, I'm Kris, owner of Sutter Compass Therapy. I'm 36 and have spent a third of my life as a licensed therapist. My methods and expertise offer support, but will also challenge you. When we meet you will feel heard and we will find solutions that provide relief.  Some will seek counseling to help solve a problem or to examine their goals, and others will consult with a therapist for difficult life decisions.  Whatever your reason for seeking therapy, don't fear reaching out. I'm not that different than you. Our first consultation will be helpful.  Our first consultation is free.  You will feel heard and will feel a glimmer of hope. All concerns and issues are welcomed and no subject is taboo. Flexible appointment times are available.  I look forward to meeting with you and observing your successes grow.


Healthy living begins with a healthy outlook...and knowing when to seek support.

Therapy can benefit us all, though many are reluctant to engage in treatment. Receiving mental health care is not an admission of failure! Your mental health is the core to maintaining a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Contact Sutter Compass Therapy today to help you take those crucial first steps!

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