Kristopher Sutter is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Georgia and a Licensed independent Social Worker Supervisor in the state of Ohio. He attended Ohio University and graduated at the top of his class, earning honors for research and clinical endeavors at the institution. He started Sutter Compass Therapy to provide high quality therapy services to individuals in Macon, the State of Georgia, and the State of Ohio. Mr. Sutter has worked with various client populations including combat Veterans while working for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Ohio and Georgia, college students, young adult males in a correctional facility, teenagers, children and men and women from various socioeconomic backgrounds, political views, spirituality, gender identities, age range, and ethnic heritage. Mr. Sutter seeks to improve community fellowship and would like to help more people get involved in advancing the amazing work being done by others in the Macon area to help strengthen our community. People who have worked with Kris as clients indicate that he is relaxing, supportive, and intuitive. He practices a variety of therapy modalities, but specializes in both psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy approaches. He is a proponent of meditation techniques, healthy living, and exercise.