A comfortable professional environment to discuss your thoughts!

            A comfortable professional environment to discuss your thoughts!


Sutter Compass Therapy can also be found at https://suttercompasstherapy.breakthrough.com for those who sign up through Breakthrough, an MD Live company specializing in tele-mental health services.  If you would like to find me through that service go to Breakthrough.com, click Browse Therapists in the top menu, then click find by name in the bottom right corner of the page and search for Kristopher Sutter.  Once you find me you will be asked to sign up via the Breakthrough platform.  


Contact-Kristopher Sutter, LCSW (Georgia), LISW-S (Ohio)

2350 Clayton St
Macon, GA 31204

Weekdays by appointment - Sutter Compass Therapy has a myriad of appointment options.  Walk-in appointments for emergencies may be available with phone call confirmation prior to arrival on weekdays and weekends.  Holidays Closed.    

On street parking directly in front of home office or across the street.

Home has cottage garden and unmistakeable sky blue porch and orange door.

T: Local (478)238-0462 or  toll free at (855)465-6890
E: [email protected] 

Fax:  (478)257-8247

Counseling or supervision clients can upload documents for my review prior to any session.

Client can also complete any online questionnaires that are required prior to the session.  Questionnaires may be requested to monitor and track client progress. Sutter Compass Therapy is able to interpret the test results within our scope of practice and do so strictly to assist in your therapeutic care. We use the OQ45.2, the WRAP, OQ10.2, and the OQ ASC, all to measure client progress. To login you will need your medical record number (your 3 digit initials-First name initial, Middle name initial, and then Last name initials, sent to you via email and also your birth date (entered in the format (MM/DD/YYYY).

Online therapy sessions are available for individuals who: live too far away, have ailments that prevent them from traveling, or have hectic lifestyles. Sutter Compass Therapy can meet your needs and fit your schedule! Simply get an appointment scheduled...select the service option psychiatric diagnostic interview online for an online session...and then, Access my online waiting room! (service does not work with safari or aol web browsers)

You may also download my online waiting room (located on the doxy.me app) on your smartphone or tablet from the android or apple store. If using the app on a smartphone or tablet click patient, then enter https://doxy.me/suttercompasstherapy at the room url. Then Click Enter.             

Be sure to turn on your microphone and camera for your computer or tablet.  

For both online and in person therapy appointments please see the counseling services page to get started with setting up an appointment or Sign up now!  


All services must be paid for in advance of therapy session except in extraordinary circumstances. Any cancellation must be made within 48 hours of appointment time or individual may be charged for session cost. Payment can be made by credit card at any time at my practice portal, or in person by cash or credit card. Please no checks.


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